The ²Toilet addresses a future-proof world market which - besides a so far unreached level of hygiene - generates enormous cost savings, yields and comfort to all involved, while implementing sustainable environmental protection.

Innovative toilet technology with high potential

The idea of ²Toilet was developed since 2014 by an innovative team of tinkerers and filed for patent in 2017. In 2018, the patent disclosure was issued by the German Patent Office.

²Toilet solves an ancient problem with a completely new approach, creating unprecedented benefits for users, owners and operators. It generates massive contributions to the environment despite high comfort / life style improvements. The creation of a unified and very high standard of hygiene in WCs meets a need that prevails in all sections of the population and for which there was no solution so far. With the integration of IoT functions (Internet of Things), it meets the requirements of a megatrend that is just beginning and will continue for many years to come.

The savings made by ²Toilet alone by greatly reducing water consumption ensure a very fast pay-off for non-private toilet facilities (see example of a major airport here). With the collection of service fees, the ROI is achieved even faster. Savings on cleaning and maintenance staff as well as cleaning agents will ensure further reduction of operating costs.

The development of ²Toilet was focused on standardization and ease of maintenance in addition to environmental and sustainability aspects. The assemblies of a ²Toilet are replaceable as modular elements, by standardized dimensions and connections the installation or conversion is easily in all facilities. The operation requires only a power connection and WiFi for remote maintenance and operation access (alternatively, the online connection can be achieved via the mobile network).

Go-to-market strategy

The development of the innovative ²Toilet is driven by the TWO GmbH in Brackenheim near Heilbronn. As part of the project, the patent-pending WC technology is to be incorporated into a stock corporation to drive the finalization and drive the go-to-market process.

The newly created company will finalize the development of the necessary prototypes and execute various marketing / sales activities in order to acquire license / cooperation partners for inclusion in their own product range, production and sales. As individual modules of ²Toilet could be also be licensed to other WC providers (e.g. hygiene closure), a choice of business models is possible. In addition, various marketing activities are planned, such as participation at ISH, the world's largest sanitary trade show (Frankfurt, Feb. 2021).

In the initial step we are addressing "non-private" toilet facilities, including toilets in office buildings, factories, hospitals, care facilities, hotels, restaurants, public facilities and even the entire passenger transport industry. In each application is a desire for clean toilets and the lowest possible operating costs. This is where ²Toilet scores in multiple aspects: less water consumption, less cleaning effort and, above all, satisfied users. Example calculations with leading suppliers showed, that the investment in a ²Toilet even with a daily use of only 75 to 80 flushings paid off within one year! Just by the savings of water consumption and the reduction of cleaning / control costs. Apart from that, additional revenue streams can be created by charging a user fee.

In hospitals or nursing homes, ²Toilet can provide considerable relief for the cleaning staff, because by the use of disinfectant with a correspondingly long exposure time, the cleanliness of the toilet seat can even meet hospital standards. Because this happens during the use, there are no waiting times and every toilet is almost immediately proverbial "clinically clean" after use.

In the food processing industry, ²Toilet can automate the documentation of the cleaning cycles. There are no waiting times, no extra staff is needed, and every toilet is really pure after a use. Contaminant or cross-contamination risks are minimized to an unprecedented level. All this besides significantly reduced operation costs.

Also, every user of public toilets belongs to the target group, because everyone can gain access to higher hygiene standards by using smart functions on a smart phone. Access to the toilet is granted by simply scanning a barcode or moving the smart phone in front of the cabin door. Owners of the facility - a restaurant or a retailer with customer toilets - can provide free coupons or codes to their customers' smartphones or sell them to visitors. Therefore, ²Toilet generates not only cost savings, but also respectable sources of revenue stream that are very easy to establish. Added to this is a considerable image gain and new potential for promising marketing activities.

Later planned versions will offer smart health functions by using available sensors for the analysis of health parameters from human excretions. Especially for the private sector, models with comfort toilet functions such as toilet shower or seat heating, special scenting, lighting or sound will also be available.


In der jetzigen Start-Up Phase wird die TWO GmbH die beantragten Patentrechte und alle laufenden Aktivitäten in die zu gründende ²Toilet AG einbringen. Zur Finanzierung der Herstellung verschiedener Prototypen und zur Umsetzung des Go-to-Market soll ein Crowdfunding-Projekt gestartet werden. Für diese Seed-Finanzierung werden Aktien bis zu einem Volumen von 15 % der Gesamtaktien angeboten. Die Abwicklung für Kleinaktionäre erfolgt über einen Treuhänder im Rahmen einer entsprechenden Poolingvereinbarung.

For a limited time everybody has the opportunity to get involved in this crowdfunding financing and to acquire shares of the planned AG at special rates. Upon reaching the first crowd-funding target, the AG is founded. The construction of the prototypes and the preparation for series production will be implemented and potential partners / key accounts will be acquired through the planned go-to-market activities. 

The management of the newly founded AG has international know-how and years of experience to quickly and sustainably develop the company into a worldwide player.

INVEST – Zuschuss für Wagniskapital

INVEST (Details) bringt Start-ups und private Investoren zusammen, die an mutige Ideen glauben. Das Förderprogramm des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) mobilisiert mehr privates Wagniskapital und hilft somit Start-ups dabei, leichter einen Investor zu finden.

Die Förderung

Das Förderprogramm INVEST teilt sich in zwei Komponenten auf:
– Der Erwerbszuschuss: Nicht rückzahlbarer steuerfreier Zuschuss bei Erwerb von Unternehmensanteilen an jungen und innovativen Unternehmen.
– Der Exitzuschuss: Pauschale Erstattung der Steuern auf Gewinne bei der Veräußerung der erworbenen Anteile (gilt nur für natürliche Personen).

Den Erwerbszuschuss erhalten private Investoren, die Geschäftsanteile an jungen innovativen Unternehmen erwerben und die Beteiligung mindestens drei Jahre lang halten. Er beträgt 20 Prozent der Investitionssumme bei Anteilserwerb. Der Investor muss dem Unternehmen mindestens 10.000 Euro zur Verfügung stellen. Ist die Zahlung daran geknüpft, dass das Unternehmen bestimmte Meilensteine erreicht, muss jede einzelne Zahlung mindestens 10.000 Euro betragen. Jeder Investor kann pro Kalenderjahr für Beteiligungen in Höhe von bis zu 500.000 Euro an Erwerbszuschüssen erhalten.

Exitzuschuss kompensiert Steuer auf Veräußerungsgewinn

Zusätzlich kann die Steuer, die auf einen Veräußerungsgewinn entfällt, pauschal mit einem Exitzuschuss kompensiert werden. Dabei erhält der Investor eine pauschale Steuerkompensation in Höhe von 25 Prozent des Gewinns, der aus der Veräußerung seiner mit dem Erwerbszuschuss geförderten Anteile erzielt wurde. Der Exitzuschuss ist auf 80 Prozent des Investitionsbetrages der INVEST-Anteile begrenzt und natürlichen Personen vorbehalten.

Die neu gegründete AG wird die notwendige Antragstellung der Förderfähigkeit für INVEST durchführen und anschließend Investoren bei der Beantragung ihres Investitionszuschusses unterstützen.

Business Model

The revenues of the ²Toilet AG are not only generated by continuous product and license sales, but above all by commissions of the toilet user fees and future value-added services, which are billed via Internet portals. 

The additional products already under development plus new product generations planned in the future for the realization of a complete wellness WC with numerous special functions and smart solutions for the entire WC system ensure further growth of the company.


²Toilet‘s geplante Finanzzahlen bis 2023:

Umsätze sollen sowohl aus Lizenzzahlungen, aus Produktumsätzen mit Ausrüstern als auch aus Usage Fees generiert werden. Der Zeitpunkt für die Erreichung der Break Even Situation wurde konservativ kalkuliert und wird basierend auf der niedrigen Kostenquote für 2021 erwartet.


Please click to download following documents

Press Release of initial announcement (German)
Two-page teaser for Investors (German)

The Inventor

Armin Ruehle

Armin is the creative technician / inventor and CEO of TWO GmbH. In addition to his technical affinity, he brings years of entrepreneur experience from a wide range of engagements.

"Everyone has known about the inadequate hygiene situations in public toilets for many years - so we wanted to fundamentally rethink and integrate modern" smart "functions at the same time. We use well-known and proven methods to create with ²Toilet a new generation of toilets - while being less complex than a modern dishwasher. It is the combination of different ideas that makes a ²Toilet unique.", said Armin Rühle during the press announcement of this new technology.

Legal note: The acquisition of this investment involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the investment. The prospective return is not guaranteed and may be lower. The information in this document contains preliminary statements and TWO GmbH assumes no liability for the correctness and completeness.