The revolution in toilet technology

²Toilet: The toilet reinvented

The new and revolutionary ²Toilet offers massive benefits for toilet users and operators. By using a dual toilet seat "carousel" and the toilet bowl's sanitary closure, it eliminates all existing usage problems and improves circumstances that previously had to be reluctantly accepted.

With ²Toilet, the demand for the highest and most reliable toilet hygiene finally becomes reality - a toilet brush is no longer needed. Operation is contact-free and there are no waiting times from one user to the next. The toilet seat and the toilet bowl are fully automatically cleaned and disinfected: The combination of hygienic closure, high-pressure cleaning systems and flushing by applying differential pressure differential ensure complete cleanliness in the bowl with minimum water consumption: less than 2 liters per rinse including cleaning.

Due to the high savings in water consumption and the significantly reduced cleaning costs, ²Toilet pays off very fast - as calculations with a leading toilet service provider demonstrated.

In non-private toilets ²Toilet sets new hygiene standards and will take the horror of public toilet use, especially for women. Now there is an ultimately clean toilet available, which will not only provide a relaxed time on the toilet, but also causes massive cost savings in operation.

Even in private use, there are numerous advantages: in addition to the so far unknown comfort of a self-cleaning toilet, many optional functions will be available. Standardized dimensions and connections make it easy to install or modify anywhere.

The dream of a self-cleaning toilet becomes reality

- Never ever again dirty toilets and toilet seats- cleaner than at home
- No waste of valuable drinking water
- Reduced odor
- No stirring up of bacteria or germs during flushing
- No touching of buttons, levers or buttons
- No "out of service"
- No load of the sewage treatment plants caused by aggressive cleaning agents
- No more use of a toilet brush

Practical use and applications

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Toilet seat "Carousel"
Seat cleaning
Smart Toilet
Benefits for restaurant toilets
Benefits in nursing homes and health care
Use in private homes
Facts about toilet hygiene
Environmental views

Animation demonstrating all ²Toilet functions

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